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Wir haben alle internationalen Airlines, indonesischen Airlines
sowie eigene Fahrzeuge, Fahrer und Guides vor Ort. 
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1 Woche / 7 Nächte
(von Samstag bis Samstag im Buchungszeitraum 1.4.-3.6.17)
Samstag Transfer Sorong Airport oder Hotel Sorong zur Insel Pulau Pef (um 9:30 am morgends)
6 Nächte Raja Ampat 4 Divers Resort Bungalow fullboard
Freitag ca. 3pm Transfer Pulau Pef nach Sorong + Transfer Hotel Sorong
1 Nacht Hotel Sorong inkl. Dinner + Frühstück
Samstag morgends Transfer Hotel Sorong zum Airport Sorong
Preis pro Person bei Doppelbelegung
unter Berücksichtigung des Specials
bei Verfügbarkeit 
für Schnorchler 1870 Euro
für Taucher/incl. unlimited diving 2337 Euro
Jede anderes Paket bei Verfügbarkeit ebenfalls möglich  
Raja4Divers located on Pulau Pef a scenic exclusive private resort island, in remote central Raja 
Ampat West Papua.
Waigeo in the North, Batanta, Salawati and Misool to the South. Pulau Pef is located 110km 
(68mi) from Sorong and 48km (30mi) south of the equator, in central remote Raja Ampat.
Arrival on Saturday - Departure on Friday directly to the hotel in Sorong for an over-night stay
Saturday: Transfer to the Sorong airport for check-in
Along a beautiful coconut palm fringed beach, Raja4Divers offers six authentic Papuan style 
water bungalows on stilts. Spacious, light and airy, each bungalow is equipped with luxurious 
creature comforts, en-suite indoor/outdoor garden bathroom, hot and cold water, while 
retaining rustic Papuan authenticity. Fans, towels, soap, shampoo, tissues and mosquito 
repellent are provided.
The design relies on proven traditional Papuan building methods, and blends with modern 
ideas in order to maximise airflow and promote well-being, without compromising the natural 
surroundings. A large front deck with steps into the water offers spectacular views particularly 
at sunset, where you can enjoy an inescapable sense of being one with nature.
The resort offers a conveniently located professional Dive Centre, an air-conditioned Camera 
Atelier, a library, satellite Wi-Fi internet, kayaks, petanque and volley ball court.
The over-water restaurant serves a delicious cuisine fused with local and contemporary 
flavours, with the emphasis on fresh produce and local flavours.
Besides the diving and snorkelling, beautiful Pulau Pef also offers a host of other exciting 
activities close to nature - kayaking, swimming, sunbathing on a private beach, jungle trails, 
birding, or just relax in the hammock or lounge on your private deck, enjoying the breeze and 
the beautiful views
The resort is under Swiss management and open year round. Fostering co-operation with the 
surrounding villages in day-to-day activities, the operation supports the local economy by 
buying fresh fish, produce, local materials, as well as employing and training many friendly 
Papuans from the nearby villages. Raja4Divers redefines the Raja Ampat diving holiday by 
offering an authentic Papuan experience, one with nature, without compromising on quality, 
comfort and service.
The pristine beauty of the Raja Ampat both above and below the water is truly un-rivalled. 
Dramatic lime-stone island outcrops dot the azure ocean, while on the larger islands, coastal 
mountain ranges punctuate the lush, verdant forest canopies that sweep downhill towards 
coconut palms on white sand beaches. The incredible topside scenery is only the beginning -
as soon as you drop beneath the surface, a fairy tale wonderland awaits. The Raja Ampat is 
deemed a ‘species factory for marine life, with scientists proclaiming the region as one of the 
Earth’s richest seascapes. These rich reefs are home to 75% of all known coral species and 
more than 3000 species of reef fish. 
Conservation is active in Marine Protected Areas in the Raja Ampat and a ‘No-take Zone’ in 
the area around Pulau Pef.
Pulau Pef is waiting to be explored, covered in lush virgin jungle, surrounded by spectacular 
bays, white sand beaches, coconut palms, an array of world-class dive-sites and snorkelling 
locations, fish and critters, pristine blue water mangroves, hidden lakes, blue lagoons, limestone 
‘mushroom’ islands, and ancient rock-art on karst cliffs, with incredible birds, wild orchids, 
monitor lizards, colourful butterflies a.o.

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